Key Benefits of Stainless Steel Castors for a Commercial Kitchen

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When choosing castors for commercial kitchen carts, you need to make special considerations because the conditions can be harsh. Notably, the castor wheels you select must withstand extreme conditions if you want seamless operations in a commercial kitchen. While you can choose from a myriad of castors types and designs, stainless steel models are arguably the best for a commercial kitchen. This post highlights the reasons. 

Highly Hygienic

Before beginning operations, you must convince a health inspector that your establishment meets the requirements regarding a commercial kitchen. The carts in your kitchen are just some of the equipment a health inspector will examine during a routine inspection. Stainless steel castors enhance hygiene in a commercial kitchen thanks to the chromium oxide finish. Notably, the chromium oxide layer is impervious to foreign agents, including germs and other pathogens. It makes stainless steel castors highly valued assets in commercial kitchens where hygiene and cleanliness are a requirement.


In the past, commercial kitchens were separated from the main dining area in a restaurant, and guests could not tell what was going on behind the scenes. However, things have changed today since many commercial kitchens are in full view of diners. It has forced restaurateurs to rethink their choices of kitchen appliances and equipment as far as aesthetics goes. Today, stainless steel's bright and polished look has made castors popular in commercial kitchens. When clean, stainless steel castors look classy and blend perfectly with other appliances in a kitchen. Moreover, their sophisticated look says a lot about the quality of service a commercial kitchen offers.

Easy to Clean

As mentioned earlier, a commercial kitchen must adhere to strict hygiene rules to ensure food safety. However, there is every likelihood that kitchen operations will be impacted if you spend hours cleaning cart castors. Stainless steel castors are extremely easy to clean, making them the best option for a commercial kitchen. The best part is that stainless steel castors do not retain microscopic foreign bodies once cleaned. Therefore, you do not have to worry about repeating the cleaning process. It gives kitchen staff enough time to attend to other essential tasks. Additionally, you do not need to spend a lot on cleaning supplies because the chromium oxide finish acts as an additional protective layer against micro-organisms and disease-causing pathogens. That said, regular cleaning of stainless steel castors is still vital to prevent the accumulation of debris, which might affect smooth rolling. 

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