Main Advantages of Plastic Casters for Your Office Chairs

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Castor wheels refer to the miniature wheels that are usually installed on bulky appliances or furniture items to enhance their mobility. One of the most popular uses of casters is on office furniture. By installing casters on your office chairs, you make it easier for your employees to move around the office, without having to get up from their seat. However, when choosing casters for their office chairs, business owners tend to gravitate toward the metallic variety as they believe this is the industry standard. Although metal casters were the main type of material that you would find on the market, plastic caster wheels have steadily started garnering some popularity too. So what are the main advantages that plastic casters would provide for your office chairs?

Plastic caster wheels are an economically viable solution

The first thing to note about fitting caster wheels on your office chairs is that each seat would require multiple casters. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to invest in an economically viable solution, which would facilitate the purchase of multiple caster wheels per chair at an affordable price. Metal casters tend to be expensive simply because the fabrication of the wheels is expensive. Since plastic manufacture tends to be an economical process, the price of the caster wheels will reflect these cost savings. Therefore, whether you have a small or a large business, you will find it significantly cheaper to invest in plastic caster wheels than their metallic counterparts.

Plastic caster wheels have a high strength to weight ratio

A misconception some business owners may have about plastic caster wheels is that they are incapable of supporting the same amount of weight that a metallic caster would. The truth of the matter is that plastic caster wheels are designed with high strength to weight ratios, no matter how cheap a variety they are! The reason for this is that the type of material used to manufacture the caster wheels is heavy duty plastic. Thus, it is not susceptible to bending and breaking under pressure as compared to regular plastic. Therefore, you should not have any worries about whether your new caster wheels would be capable of supporting your heavy-set employees.

Plastic caster wheels are corrosion resistant

Metallic caster wheels may be a favourite for office chairs, but this does not mean they are the most durable option in the market. If your office is located on the coast or in a part of Australia that is prone to high humidity, rust would be one of the biggest risks to your metallic casters. Rather than task yourself with the laborious maintenance of ensuring regular greasing of the metallic cater wheels, you should consider their plastic counterparts.