How to Choose Earthmoving Tyres

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If you work in the mining or quarrying industries or if you are involved in earthmoving in any way you will want to make sure that all of your vehicles have the right tyres for the conditions they will be facing every day. The performance of the vehicle is largely determined by the type of the tyres with which it is fitted. If the wrong tyre is used this will not only make the vehicle less efficient, but also it will greatly shorten the life of the tyre.

What tread pattern should you choose for earthmoving tyres?

The most suitable tread pattern for your vehicle will depend on how the vehicle is used. What conditions will it be working in? Do you need to think about adherence? Rapid wear? The risk of the tyres being cut? To get the best out of your vehicle you must ensure that you pick a tread pattern that is right for the working conditions. Will you need a normal tread, a deep tread, or a very deep tread? What about ribbed tyres? Traction tyres? Or flotation tyres? What would work best in your working environment?

What is your working capacity?

In addition to the tread of your earthmoving tyres you will need to consider their working capacity. To choose the right earthmoving tyres you must know your Tonne Kilometres per Hour (TKPH). Knowing this measurement allows you to determine the working capacity of your earthmover tyres. It is not enough to simply select the right tread pattern and size of tyre you must also have the right type of rubber. It is your TKPH that tells you the type of rubber your tyre should be made from. If you visit you tyre stockist you may well discover that there are several tyres with an identical tread, where the only difference is the TKPH, so make sure you work out this figure before visiting your supplier.

Maintaining your tyres

In addition to selling you the tyres you need to keep your business moving, your stockist of earthmoving tyres will be able to provide you with all the related products you will need. Why not take the opportunity to stock up on  O rings, tubes, tyre additives, and  everything else tyre related, while you are purchasing your tyres? Your tyre stockist will be able to advise you on every aspect of tyre care and maintenance. They can show you the best way to keep your earthmoving tyres in good condition and providing you with a long life of active service.