Some Common Car Tyre Problems and Their Remedies

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Tyres are an important component of a car. They play a big part in enabling the vehicle to move. Just like many other car parts, tyres require periodic maintenance. If any tyre has a problem, it should be fixed immediately. If tyres are not properly maintained, then motorists are likely to experience breakdowns while on the road.

Here is a look at some common tyre problems and their remedies:

Car tyre vibrations

These vibrations are commonly caused by an imbalanced tyre and wheel assembly, which usually generates a vibration that becomes increasingly worse as the vehicle accelerates. However, there may be other reasons behind the problem, including: loose or damaged wheel bearings and radial and vertical run out of the car wheel. When you want to correct tyre vibration problems, start by checking missing weights, or if mud attached to the back side of the rim or tread could be causing an imbalance. If you notice a run out on your tyres, you may need to reposition the tyre on the rim. 

Car tyres cupping

Also known as scalloping, this is a tyre problem that results from bad car shock absorbers, poor tyre alignment, low-quality tyres and tyres bouncing hard on surfaces such as potholes and bumps when on the road. It makes the tyre to be uneven on its surface. This could lead to uncomfortable travel. If you notice cuppings on your tyres, you will need to have your wheels realigned. Also, consider having repairs to your shock absorbers and struts. Proper handling of your car while driving on rough surfaces will help avoid cupping.

Car tyres cracking

Cracking is caused by impacts on the car tyres while driving. Such impacts are as a result of the car tyre hitting potholes and kerbs. When you diagnose cracking and bulging on your car tyres, you should consider replacing the tyre.  Proper infiltration should be done to the car tyres to avoid exposing your cars to cracks and bulging.

Alignment issues

Many tyre problems are related to alignment issues. Without proper alignment, the car would be making slight sideward movements. The car pulling to one side of the road is also a common characteristic of alignment issues. To correct this you need to align your tyres and wheels to back position. This should be done at a local auto service shop.

Preventative maintenance of car tyres is important. Periodic checking of your tyres would ensure a fully functioning tyre and wheel system, but also increase the longevity of your tyres. No one likes experiencing car breakdowns while travelling, so you should keep your tyres working in tiptop shape at all times. For more information or advice, contact a local car service.