3 Signs Your Tyres Could Be Out of Balance

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Riding on quality tyres is critical to ensuring maximum safety and comfort on the roads. But tyres are only as good as how well they are maintained, and for this reason, it is important to have your tyres regularly checked out by the professionals at an auto service shop. Here are a signs that indicate your tyres may be out of balance. 

Wobbly feel while on the road

When they are correctly balanced, your tyres will roll smoothly, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable ride while on the road. You should know that all may not be well with your tyres if you're feeling strong vibrations in the steering wheel while you are driving. In extreme cases, you might feel as if the entire vehicle is shaking or bouncing up and down.

Even if your tyres had been balanced before, they might have been thrown out of balance over the course of normal driving, making it prudent to get your tyres checked at the auto service centre and re-balanced. 

Uneven tyre wear

Like other vehicle components, your tyres are expected undergo wear and tear due to everyday use. That's why all tyres have an expected lifespan. Though tyres are one of the vehicle components that bear the most brunt of normal wear and tear, they should wear down evenly. If you notice uneven wear on the tread of your tyres, it is likely that the tyres are out of balance and no longer rotate in sync with the wheels. You should take the vehicle down to the auto service shop to have the tyre balanced again. 

Tyre balancing will be performed to ensure that the weight of your tyre-wheel set is uniformly distributed around the full circumference of the tyre so that the tyre tread wears evenly.

Poor fuel economy

If you notice that your vehicle is consuming more fuel than it used to, it could be that your tyres need re-balancing. When tyres are out of balance, they tend to rotate grudgingly and this can take a toll on your vehicle's fuel economy. Though there may be other likely causes of reduced fuel economy, improperly balanced tyres are often one of the most common culprits.

Never ignore any of the above-highlighted signs of tyre imbalance, as that could compromise your personal safety, that of your passengers, as well as other motorists. The surest way to find out is to ask a qualified mechanic to check your tyres and determine if tyre re-balancing is required.